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eCore Software Product Suite eCore Software's products are designed with a single goal: provide your company with the tools you need to manage your HR more efficiently.

The popular ePro Scheduler software provides advanced scheduling, payroll and time & attendance tools that allow operations to streamline these costly processes with a single, common, intuitive solution.

epro Scheduler


ePro Scheduler is a web-based, enterprise solution that combines schedule control, time & attendance and payroll management into one accessible tool.

The ability to quickly generate and distribute schedules and receive feedback from employees ensures that the current schedule and payroll information is always up-to-date and accurate.

  • Minimize Overtime with Best Fit scheduling
  • Improve attendance recording with
  • Eliminate costly manual payroll errors
  • All employee access keeps everyone plugged in
  • Pay for what you use with ASP pricing
  • No in-house IT costs for server maintenance
  • No annual software maintenance fees
  • No capital expenditures for hardware and software

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eCore now supports attendance recording using biometric fingerprint scanning technology.

epro BioClock



The biometric ePro BioClock Smart Clocks, when integrated with ePro Scheduler, provide the best time & attendance solution in the industry. The real-time interface provides instant employee feedback if they are arriving late or early and even prevent punching when critical licenses expire and are not taken care of.

  • Encourage timely attendance with mandatory comments
  • Eliminate fines for employees with expired certifications
  • Punch in/out data is immediately available in ePro Scheduler
  • BioClocks also work great standalone for small businesses

epro Manager


The ePro Manager resource management product rolls HR, continuing education, document management and advanced calendar management into an easy-to-use interface. For public service organizations like EMS operations and police & fire departments, the fleet and integrated inventory management functions provide complete organization management from a single tool.

The common database backbone creates a powerful integrated interface and eliminates data redundancy that usually occurs between multiple vendor software packages. Integrated functions like the calendar, continuing education and web-based documents can be enabled on the ePro Scheduler interface that is available to every employee in the organization.

  • Employee Incident Tracker
  • Inventory Management
  • Fleet Management & Maintenance
  • Employee Profile Management
  • Field Location Management
  • Continuing Education and Compliance
  • Integrated Calendar
  • Document Management
  • Integrated ePro Scheduler Interface